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Rachel McGuigan

Habio Design

Habio Design is an Australian lifestyle furniture label that is known for its ottomans. The brand came to life in 2018 to address founder Rachel McGuigan’s personal necessity for a practical and adaptable piece of furniture.


As a mother of two young children Rachel wanted something beautiful, yet durable, functional and without corners—to be safe for her little ones.


“I wanted a quality piece I could invest in that would last and suit our smaller home, but I couldn’t find what I needed anywhere.”


Enter OTTO.


Five years after the original idea came to her, and after much research, Rachel launched OTTO; Habio’s stylish and much-loved ottoman designed for inner city dwellings that need to maximise on limited space.


OTTO is smart, clever and adapts to all stages of life.


From moving in with friends to buying your first home, right through to building a family or downsizing later in life—OTTO makes sense.


Each OTTO is sustainably made. Handcrafted and locally produced in Melbourne.


“OTTO has been designed for the eco-conscious household using sustainably sourced birch plywood and timber. Each OTTO is also made with low VOCs emitting stains and glues.”


If you love being able to throw those toys, books and board games out of sight but still want to have them on hand, you’ll love OTTO.

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