Meet OTTO the versatile ottoman.


Flip the top to become either a seat or a coffee table. Fill OTTO with life's comforts and pleasures.

Created to be multi-functional with the emphasis on utilising the space that we have in a thoughtful way. Designed and handmade in Australia, this is a beautiful addition to any home.

Can be adapted for outdoor spaces too.

OTTO's brilliance is in its simplicity, while it looks like a conventional ottoman, it has hidden wheels, so can be easily rolled into the position you need. The wooden lid can be used as a stable tray and inside offers ample space to store the things that you need to keep handy, but want hidden from view.

Handcrafted in Melbourne, with a choice of fabrics and stains, OTTO can be tailored to suit any décor. Available in three sizes, there's an OTTO to suit your space.


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